Betting on cyberbasketball: ESports Battle

Despite the fact that users of the Parimatch bookmaker site can choose to bet on various sports competitions, more and more bettors prefer eSports competitions. This is not only due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the possibility of placing bets, regardless of weather conditions and time. However, it is not so much the reasons for the growing popularity of eSports competitions among new or regular users of Parimatch that are important, but its accessibility and general recognition.

What is cyberbasketball?

Cyberbasketball has a lot in common with regular basketball, the only difference is that cyberbasketball is a virtual computer simulation like a football league. That is, competitions are held with the participation of artificial intelligence, which is already quite an interesting format for placing bets for real money. In the case of eSports competitions, which are decided for betting on real money, there are clear advantages – this is the wide availability and frequency of competitions, because several seasons can be held in just one day.

Despite the fact that the virtual basketball league is completely virtual, the names of the teams are still the same as those that you can come across when rooting for real basketball teams in the NBA. There is a live broadcast of matches, but there is a certain feature of live broadcasts of virtual basketball seasons – and this is the fragmentedness of the demonstration, because the match is not shown in its entirety, but focuses the attention of the Parimatch user on fascinating moments that have become fateful for the entire game.

What else do you need to know about live streaming of virtual basketball games? The screen is divided into two parts. Why?

  • One part of the screen is dedicated to the broadcast of the match itself. In addition to the broadcast, there is also a standing that you can follow to confidently place bets on virtual basketball competitions for real money in Live mode, that is, in real time.
  • The second part of the screen is occupied by information with a list of matches for the nearest period, which is quite convenient for forming one’s own effective betting strategy.

Betting options

Before choosing one or another bet on an eSports competition, namely 4X8 cyberbasketball, you should understand what 4X8 means. This is a certain format of the basketball game, when the match is divided into 4 sets or 8-minute periods, which is characteristic of the NBA virtual league. If you know such intricacies of the game, it is much easier to decide the right strategy for real money bets, so as not to spend all the deposit funds in the first set. So what are the classic betting options for cyberbasketball?

  • The most popular are bets on the result of a sports competition. It is about the victory of the first (P1) or the second (P2) team. However, users do not always prepare for victory. After all, the match can end in a draw (X), so you can also bet on a draw.
  • Equally, popular are bets on the individual total of the match. However, you can choose Total More (TB) or Total Less (TM). It all depends on how well the user knows the rules and how long he has been betting on cyberbasketball.
  • You can bet on the handicap for the match or the first part of the main match. Like the total, the handicap can be negative (FM) or positive (FB). The choice is made by a neutral observer of the match, i.e., the bettor.

Features of cyberbasketball

there is no human factor;

  •  there is no way to study the history of victories and defeats of this or that basketball team. What’s more, there is no way to follow changes in strategy and tactics;
  • the results of a cyber basketball competition are always unpredictable. Better relies solely on luck, even as a fan of classic basketball;
  • it is possible to place bets 24/7 and test new betting strategies.

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