Changes Essential for Indian Education System & Role of ICT In It

Changes are necessary in order to maintain the freshness and productivity. Though lots of changes have been made in the Indian education system yet new changes are needed to be induced. It is needed that whoever is paying his interests in the renovation of the present education system should be rewarded properly. Let’s have a glance on those essential changes:

  • In the Indian education system students are habitual of mugging up the course which has made them get away from conceptual thesis and students are getting away from innovative studies. Now the school management system of many educational institutions is taking this matter into concern. Now the school fees management system of educational institutions is making sure that it should be put in priority that students should use their creativity and get full support from tutors.
  • The evaluation methodology of our educational system is the worst where it hardly matters to evaluators what impact their valuation will make on a student’s mind. Their careless evaluation based on biasness pushes students towards mental pressure and depression. This whole process needs a change where evaluation should be made on the hard and smart work of students.
  • It is very shameful that still in our education system, the ability of students is judged on the basis of the stream he chooses. Whereas it should be made compulsory to provide students with different other available career options so that students can get the precious chance to choose the career of their wish and can succeed in career ahead instead of choosing a career under pressure and regret the rest of their life.
  • Now new e-learning should be promoted as much as possible. It is so because with e-learning students will get more scope to study in a free dimensional way. Students are getting help from tools like the LMS portal. The LMS portal provides safe and facilitative learning to the students in online learning.
  • Reservation system should be eradicated from our education system where a student who scored 90% in entrance of medical seat doesn’t get his desirable college to whereas on the other hand the student who acquires 40-60% marks attain college according to his/her wish. This diminishes the moral of the students and also the will power to fight with such a system and they usually give up their dreams due to this. This needs to be stopped.

Facilitating Education through E-learning: These days no student has to go anywhere for the purpose of study. If one wants to study then he can study at home with a complete degree and official qualification from a government recognized university. ICT (Information and communications technology) is providing new ways and innovative methods of learning and teaching among teachers and learners. This format of ICT (Information and communications technology) has ensured students that education is not bounded in any limit, it is available with limitless boundaries that too with different easy formats online and students can grab study materials from there as per their convenience. Let’s see the role of ICT (Information and communications technology) in the necessary changes to be brought in Indian education system:

  • Despite several efforts of government and other NGOs still many students with special needs lagged behind in the name of education. But now with the help of ICT, they are able to get their education according to their field of interest at home. They are now able to earn a good qualification that too with recognized college and valid degrees. It is not only limited to this only, earlier students with special needs, especially blind students, did not have any options for the carrier but now with the help of e-learning they have braille script they are not able to study but also have capability to qualify any exam and secure their future.
  • ICT is enhancing subject learning, as earlier study was limited to few subjects which could be counted on fingertips but now students can opt several innovative subjects like palmistry, anthropology, numerology, even one can become an expert on coding and programming being at home only and studying online only.
  • ICT is collaborating people and learning new resources of learning; one just has to gather a laptop or computer and an internet connection and he/she can get connected to the whole world in jiffy and can gain ample amounts of knowledge.
  • Earlier students had lost their interest in learning due to traditional methods of teaching and learning but ICT is bringing interest of students back in it because there are so many aspects of ICT that inspires students to learn and to connect and also to enjoy the study.
  • Students now have forgotten to sit idle like before or we can say that they don’t like wasting time nowadays. Instead they want to engage themselves into various formats of ICT because since ICT have been included in lessons student’s curiosity regarding new features and facilities in it have increased. Now students don’t have to sit at home only mugging up and depending all the time on parents for their pocket money. Now they are earning their fees, pocket money and several other expenses with the help of several online jobs available online that too don’t require any specific skill set.

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