Five Things to Avoid When Buying Kids’ Trampoline

Before buying a trampoline for your kids, read our guide. We outline five common mistakes, from neglecting safety features to ignoring weight limits, and explain how to make an informed purchase for hours of safe fun.

Making the right choice when buying a trampoline for your children is the key to happy and safe experiences on a bouncy platform. In addition to providing endless entertainment for your kids, trampolines help develop balance, coordination, and physical fitness.

To ensure that your kids have an enjoyable trampoline experience, we want you to avoid certain pitfalls. In this article, we will state five things to steer clear of when buying a kids’ trampoline. Consider these when choosing a trampoline for your children in order to ensure their safety and long-term enjoyment.

Keeping that in mind, let’s explore what you should avoid when buying a trampoline for your kids.

1. Neglecting Safety Features

A HUUUUGE no no. Usually parents are very diligent about checking the safety features of the trampoline beforehand, but we had to mention it anyway. Trampolines are fun when they are safe, and many responsible kids trampoline manufacturers agree 100% with the statement. There are, however, several things to consider regarding kids trampoline safety, that some may ignore simply by not knowing them. In other words, please make sure to:

  • Purchase a kids trampoline with enclosure. The enclosure is the most crucial safety feature. Do not get stingy and think of saving a few hundred dollars – the enclosure is a must.
  • Check what certifications and tests the manufacturer has put the trampolines through. For instance, many reliable manufacturers get ASTM and CE safety certificates that tell you a lot about the responsibility that the company takes.
  • Review other safety features and safety instructions. Know what the company has done to minimize the risk of injury and how they recommend the kids trampoline to be used.

2. Overlooking Weight Limit and Size Considerations

You’d think that the weight limit shouldn’t be a concern when buying a trampoline for your child, right? Well, that’s not entirely true. While a kid’s trampoline is likely to last the weight of a kid, buying a trampoline with a low weight limit is a short-term decision. Kids trampolines that either have a high weight limit or no weight limit at all for a single user are the best as they allow kids to jump on it during their teenage years as well. Moreover, it’ll also allow you as a parent to enjoy the thrills of jumping.

Another thing that some forget about is the size and shape. Traditionally, kids’ trampolines came only in round shape. Yet, nowadays you can get them in round, rectangular, oval, square and even hexagonal shapes! Moreover, the selection in sizes is bigger than ever; for instance, ACON has kids trampolines in seven sizes (five round and two rectangular)! So, you certainly are spoilt for choice when it comes to trampoline sizes and shapes.

3. Not Reading the Fine Print on Warranty Policy

After seeing tens of different warranty policies by manufacturers, we’ve noticed that you really need to read the fine print. In general, premium manufacturers provide the best warranties and those who sell more inexpensive models include more limited warranties compared to premium ones. However, there can also be manufacturers that simply promote their warranty program to be the absolute best among kids trampoline market, yet the fine print reveals the truth. To avoid unpleasant surprises, keep this in mind when comparing your options.

4. Ignoring the Importance of Bounce

A huge one! When we think of kids’ trampolines, we often think of small and simple, usually cheap trampolines that last for a year or two at max. While these are a poor investment, they also tend to have bad bounce. But why does that matter? Well, the bounce is the reason why trampolining is so much fun. If the bounce is bad, kids notice it and eventually stop bouncing on it, leaving you with another item that takes a lot of space. A good bounce is like an invitation to defy gravity again and again.

But bounce is not only about fun, it’s also about safety. An even and predictable bounce is safe for the user even if the bounce is high, as they can predict how it feels and what to do next. A hard bounce feels uncomfortable. If you need help with imagining it, think about the times you’ve hit a hard surface while jumping from somewhere that is high. The shock that goes through your body is not safe. A similar thing can happen on a bad bounce trampoline. So, opt for a manufacturer that is praised for their bounce.

5. Downplaying the Importance of Spare Parts

Lastly, we must mention the spare parts and accessories. Imagine that you’ve invested in a quality kids trampoline. Your kids absolutely love it and use it continuously for 3-4 years. Then, you notice that a few springs have loosened or there’s a tear on the trampoline mat (which can happen even to the best products). What will you do?

Well, if the manufacturer has a spare part guarantee, you can simply update your old parts to new. If not, you are stuck with a broken trampoline that is unsafe to use and you either need to purchase a spare part that is not designed for the given kid’s trampoline (which could be unsafe, too) or simply get a new trampoline.

So, TL;DR: buy a kids trampoline from a company that is able to sell any of their trampoline parts when needed.

Final tips: What to do instead?

So, we’ve finished our top five things to avoid -list. But what should you do then? Well, the opposite of all the points we’ve noted: focus on safety features, check weight limits and determine the right size for your needs, read the fine print in terms of warranty policies, read about the bounce and check the spare part selection. But there also are some other things to consider when purchasing a kids trampoline, such as:

  • Installation manuals, tips and services
  • Accessories available
  • Aesthetics and design

We hope you’ve found this little list helpful and maybe even eye-opening. Whatever you end up going with, we hope that you make the right choice by getting the right kids trampoline that will last you a lifetime.

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