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Here’s How You Can Link Your Phone Number to your Aadhaar to Avail Home Loan Online

UIDAI, or unique identification authority of India, has currently issued a reminder wherein you must ensure that your mobile number is linked with the Aadhaar. Also, you must ensure the Aadhaar that is linked must be accurate and up to date when linking it. As a cornerstone for financial inclusions and the Indian Government’s move toward digital India, the Aadhaar card plays an important role in opening a bank account, income tax return verification and various other processes. Also, ensure that the PAN number for all banks that you have provided is accurate and right.

Read on to know the importance, advantages, and procedure of linking phone numbers to Aadhaar – 

Reasons to link the phone number to Aadhaar – 

Linking of mobile number to Aadhaar card is extremely crucial for forming a link between all phone numbers that are issued by the telecom operator and owners’ identities. Just by linking the Aadhaar card number with the phone number, the Indian Government can authenticate this data or info and identify the owner of the phone number with the Aadhaar card.

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Not just this, but also the phone number registered is even used to keep the users informed regarding the different Aadhaar linked schemes and services. Also, a phone number linked with Aadhaar can be utilized to request an Aadhaar copy in case it is lost. Thus, just by linking your phone number to your Aadhaar card, a crucial verification procedure may become simpler for you.

Advantages of linking phone number with Aadhaar card – 

Additionally, simplifying your verification procedure by linking your phone number with Aadhaar is even a big benefit, as mentioned below –

Avail of government subsidies – You get the advantage from distinct welfare schemes by the Indian Government by using the Aadhaar linked phone number.

Authenticate income tax return – Income tax return authentication gets simpler for you, particularly with a 1-time password that you receive on your phone number.

Update your personal details on the Aadhaar card – You can simply update your personal details on the Aadhaar online, just by using the OTP (one-time-password) that you receive on your phone.

Verify PAN card – Linking your phone number to Aadhaar online is useful for online applications as well as authentication of the PAN card.

Simple loan processing – Applying for offline and online loans becomes simpler if your phone number is linked with your Aadhaar card and PAN. Your bank lender can perform instant background checks based on your Aadhaar card, which makes sure faster verification and eligibility checkup. Thus, you can avail of faster approval, which assists in the speedy disbursal of your finances as well.

Open the bank account easily – It is simple to open a savings bank account if your Aadhaar card is linked with your phone number.

Invest in mutual funds online – It becomes ways simpler to invest in mutual funds through the online route if your phone number is linked with your Aadhaar number.

Purchase insurance online – It is extremely convenient to make an online purchase of the insurance if the Aadhaar is linked with your mobile because you will get the OTP directly on your phone.

Sign documents or the agreements digitally – With Aadhaar linked to mobile, it has become simpler to sign agreements or documents digitally. Moreover, your Aadhaar linked with your mobile can assist you in getting a SIM card from any country’s top telecom providers.

Is it a safe move to link your Aadhaar with a mobile phone?

Linking your Aadhaar card to your phone number is not only beneficial but also convenient and safe. By doing this, you can add an additional security layer to your SIM because it prevents one from taking up a connection on your name. For the ones fretting about agents of telecom companies gaining access to e KYC details, DoT (department of telecom) has mandated that just the name, as well as mobile number of the telecom subscribers, will be visible to agents.

Moreover, UIDAI introduced the virtual ID (VID) concept, where a 16-digit random number gets mapped to the user’s Aadhaar number. Aadhaar card holders now can use the ID in lieu of an Aadhaar number during the authentication time. Thus, there is 2-factor authentication enabled to make sure that your data stays safe and there is zero risk of any breaches.

How can you link your phone number to your Aadhaar card?

In addition to being highly beneficial, linking your phone number to your Aadhaar card is even a simple procedure. The steps to do so are mentioned below –

Step no. 1 – Locate the Aadhaar Seva Kendra or Aadhaar enrolment centre nearest to you. Also, you can approach the UIDAI site for this or use the mAadhaar app or call upon at 1947.

Step no. 2 – Visit the centre to place your request with an official at your Aadhaar, Seva Kendra or Aadhaar enrolment centre to link your phone number with your Aadhaar.

Step no. 3 – The official will ask for your Aadhaar card number and conduct biometric authentication.

Step no. 4 – A nominal fee equaling Rs 50 will be levied by the official present at the Aadhaar Seva Kendra centre or the Aadhaar enrolment centre.

Before you move ahead with linking your Aadhaar card number with your mobile, it is crucial for you that you know zero additional documents besides your Aadhaar card are needed for linking your phone number with your Aadhaar. You can even book the appointment online or visit the UIDAI website for the same. If you have not yet linked your phone number to your Aadhaar card yet, it is just the correct time to do this now and enjoy the convenience in future transactions.

How can you apply for a home loan online?

Aadhar Housing Finance is a Home Finance Company in India through which you can avail of your home loan. Important documents required to avail home loan from this home finance company in India are – passport size, latest colour photos, KYC documents – PAN card, Aadhaar card, voter’s ID card, valid passport, valid driving license, job card issued by NREGA, a letter issued by a gazette officer, letter from a recognized public authority, bank statement, etc.

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