Most Known Project Management Certifications a Complete Guide

Project Management Certifications are a great way to improve and enhance their abilities. These certificates clarify the difference between other people, the best and most capable people. This certificate is proof that this man is a specialist in his work in which he is an Expert. Project management conditions require too much time and money, but it causes your career success. In this article, we will talk about some of the best certificates that can take your career ahead.

Project Management is a document that proves that you have completed all project management training courses. While receiving these Certificates, you learn things you can take into account in the career in your upcoming life. Project Management Certifications are given from different organizations that are slightly different from each other. Let’s talk about some such good management certificates.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Certified Associate Project Management CAPM certification is very important to those who have just started project management. You will learn about various management methods around the world through it. If you want to get this certificate, you will have to prepare your work and your project with great responsibility. And you have to increase your effort to get more projects. With this certificate, you meet only one of the requirements to get other certificates on your list. CAPM Certificate can get through the project management institute PMI. The following are some terms for the acquisition of the CAPM certificate.

  • Non-Member Fee is $300 for member Fee is $225
  • A secondary degree (associates degree or equivalent, high school diploma)
  • Twenty-three hours of education are required till the time of the exam Project Management Institute conducts online.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most important certificate for the project Manager. This certificate is mostly mastered in industrial matters. Through this certificate, everyone who works hard will work hard because it helps your salary a lot to be more and more. If you want the project Management Professional (PMP) certificate, you can submit applications with the help of the project management institute (PMI) to get this certificate.

  • Non-Member Fee is $555 for member Fee is $405
  • This must be a second degree with the main project of the SEVENTY-FIVE hour or the main project of fourty five hour with four -a year Degree.
  • Thirty-five hours of project education or (CAPM) certification.

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Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP):

Agile methods are the ones in which a team manages to distribute any project to a small level and talk to each other frequently. The PMI-AACP Project Institute Agile confirms your skills and verifies such knowledge. This makes a rapid reaction to business and develops business. If you want the project Management Professional (PMP) certificate, you can submit applications with the help of the project management institute (PMI-ACP) to get this certificate.

  • Non-Member Fee is $495 for member Fee is $935
  • The normal project must have two thousand hours of experience.
  • Agile project teams must be working on 1500 hours
  • Training of the Agile method on 21 hours’

Program Management Professional (PgMP):

These projects are done by a manager who takes a step above the project manager. This character reads a huge impact on your organization. Being a program director means that you are handling different projects at the same time. In this, you can efficiently perform it without any difficulty. The PGPM application can give you any project management institute, but it will have to go through a tough test that will contain one hundred seventy questions.

  • Non-Member Fee is $800 for member Fee is $1000
  • Secondary degree holders must have six thousand hours of project management experience.
  • A four-year degree holder must experience six thousand hours of project management.

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