Tesla changes South Korea ads after antitrust Probe over its EV’s batteries

SEOUL, 18 February (Reuters) — Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) modified an advertisement regarding the driving range of Model 3 in South Korea. Model 3 in South Korea after an antitrust agency discovered that the automaker exaggerated battery’s specifications.

The Model 3 sedan description on Tesla’s Korean-language website was updated to state that the car can be capable of traveling at a “maximum” of 528 kilometers (328 miles) with one charge, starting in addition to “more than” 528 kilometers screenshots that were captured by local media revealed.

The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) this week stated that it had submitted a report on the U.S. electric vehicle (EV) maker that claimed it exaggerated mileage of certain vehicles, such as Model 3, in violation of the Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising. Read more

The majority of electric vehicles can be affected by a loss in driving range in cold weather.

“The KFTC plans to give the automaker the opportunity to respond to our finding and then hold a general meeting to review and determine the extent to which the automaker has violated the law and decide the level of sanctions,” said an official of the commission, who asked not to name the company due to the delicate nature of the issue.

On the U.S. website, the Model 3 description said: “Go wherever you want on the road with “up 358 miles” of range” 358 miles of estimated range on a single charge.” This is equivalent to around 576km.

The official description for Hyundai Motor Company’s (005380.KS) Ioniq 5 midsize crossover also explains the range of its vehicle as being “maximum” 429km on a single charge.

Though analysts say that the labelling of driving ranges should be in line with the specific rules of each country and regulations, the KFTC’s allegations regarding the mileage ads of Tesla would likely have no significant effect on the company’s sales in the United States, due to Tesla’s position as the dominant company and its strong standing on its position in the EV market.

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