What Is the Name of Gandalf’s Pipe?

Fans of the epic trilogy “The Lord of The Rings” know that Gandalf and the Hobbits love to smoke pipeweed. You’ll see Gandalf smoking something using a Gandalf pipe. Thus, a lot of viewers are left wondering if pipeweed is actually cannabis in Middle-earth.

Though it might appear silly, the idea of pipeweed being cannabis is not that implausible. This is particularly true if you consider how the Hobbits live their lives. For those who don’t know, Hobbits are known for their gardens and peaceful life. Aside from their green thumbs, they also have a complex eating schedule. This includes meals such as second breakfast, elevenses, and afternoon tea. This implies that the Hobbits might have a bad case of the munchies.

Because of this, there is a huge possibility that the Hobbits and Gandalf are smoking Middle-earth’s version of cannabis. Another common question that fans of the films ask is “What is the name of Gandalf’s Pipe?” Well, let’s find out.

What is The Name of Gandalf’s Pipe?

The name of Gandalf’s famous pipe is “Wesley Pipes”. This is according to the books written by J. R. R. Tolkien.

On the other hand, Bilbo also has a pipe known as “Billy Bong Thortin”.

What Type of Pipe Does Gandalf Use?

As you can see in the movies, Gandalf’s pipe of choice was the Churchwarden. For those who don’t know, a churchwarden pipe is an extremely long pipe.

They have bent and long stems that can stretch out more than 6 inches. The bowl differs in shape. However, the Gandalf pipe appears to have an apple shape.

What Do They Smoke in Middle-Earth?

According to the books, characters in middle-earth smoke an herb known as pipeweed. However, it was Tobold Hornblower of Longbottom of the Shire who first cultivated it around S.R. 1070.

Is The Gandalf Pipe Placed in the Staff?

While you can’t easily see it in the films, one of the interesting features of Gandalf’s staff was its unique slot to hold his smoke pipe.

Gandalf utilized his staff for much of The Fellowship of the Ring. Unfortunately, it was confiscated by Saruman during their duel at Orthanc.

Now that you know the name of Gandalf’s pipe, perhaps you are interested in smoking herb using a pipe. However, before you proceed, it’s best to know several things about it first.

What Do You Need to Smoke a Pipe?

When it comes to smoking a pipe, you won’t need a lot of tools and equipment. However, you’ll require a couple of essentials. These include:


The type of tobacco for you greatly varies on your personal taste and experience. You should consider using a mild blend first if you are new to smoking pipe tobacco.

This will help you ease into things. You can also ask your local tobacco store for suggestions and recommendations.

Pipe Cleaners

Keep in mind that your pipe will get clogged if you’re going to use it regularly. Because of this, you will need pipe cleaners to clean your pipe after every use.

Pipe Tamper

Pipe Tamper

While a pipe tamper isn’t really important, it is a helpful tool for packing your bowl. In addition to that, it also helps add a classy look to your pipe smoking activity.

A Pipe Lighter or Wooden Matches

Though you can always use the traditional Bic, it isn’t the easiest tool for getting a flame into the bowl of your pipe.

Because of this, you should consider using a long pipe lighter or wooden matches to make your life a lot easier.

Your Pipe of Choice

Always remember that pipes come in all varieties. This includes highly ornate carved pieces, such as the Gandalf Pipe, to a basic and simple wooden pipe.

Your Pipe of Choice

Choosing the right type of pipe for your needs will greatly depend on your personal aesthetic tastes more than anything.

Tips for Smoking a Pipe

Unlike having a quick cigarette during lunch break, smoking a pipe is not a quick activity. It’s a leisurely activity that you give yourself a moment to slow things down.

Thus, if you’re new to pipe smoking, here are several tips you should know:

Always Clean the Pipe When You’re Done

When you are done smoking the pipe, make sure you scrape out or tap the bowl. You’ll have a hard time cleaning the pipe later if you allow the debris to sit for too long.

If your pipe is making a gurgling sensation or sound, there’s a huge possibility that water has accumulated in the stem. If that is the case, you’ll require a deeper cleaning.

Routine cleaning is also vital to make sure that the taste of the tobacco is not contaminated.

Slow Down

You should not try to smoke your pipe too quickly. If you do, you’ll probably experience a “tongue bite”.

For those who don’t know, a tongue bite is an irritated and burning sensation throughout the surface of the tongue that pipe smokers will experience if they smoke pipe too fast.

Try to slow things down and enjoy the moment. It is common for your pipe to go out and need relighting a couple of times within one smoking session.

Don’t Inhale the Smoke

When you smoke cigarettes, you will have to inhale the smoke into your lungs. However, that is not the case with pipes.

Just like a cigar, pipe tobacco tends to be extremely strong. Thus, you should try to enjoy taking small smoke puffs into your mouth using your Gandalf Pipe.


Getting the most out of your pipe smoking experience is great about the company you keep. For a couple of smokers, a pipe is a social activity intended for great conversations.

On the other hand, it’s an excellent way to sit alone and reflect on your day in peace.

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