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Shop an entire new set of Bathroom Taps for a chic Bathroom

Bathrooms in particular, and much of the wider home renovation scene in 2022, are replete with elegant bathroom tap options. It can be challenging to know where to start your search from the multiple bathroom tap manufacturers in India because of this.

In light of this, we’ve made the decision to investigate the many various varieties of bathroom taps available, with a focus on the primary benefits and drawbacks of each type.

Therefore, let us enlighten you if you’re not as knowledgeable about the differences between countertop taps and bath faucets that must be fixed to the wall or whether a monobloc tap will better fit your demands than pillar taps would.


Priorities aside, don’t undervalue the significance of choosing the appropriate taps for your area. When given the chance, bathroom taps rank among the most often used fixtures in the space. They are frequently needed in conjunction with sinks, bathtubs, and occasionally as an additional shower element.

The whole result is much more than just a great finish to go with your bathroom’s more obvious fixtures and fittings. You need your bathroom taps to produce premium grade performance to match top-notch looks.

Here are 3 well known Tap Styles which may help you choose the right for your bathroom.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Taps

Wall-mounted bathroom taps are one of the most common space-saving styles on the market. The taps are made just as you would anticipate, erupting from the wall to dangle above a sink or bathtub. There is no trickery in the name.

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Their attraction from the point of view of room maximisation is clear, and many wall-mounted tap models also have sleek, modern design elements ideal for improving a contemporary bathroom. They are also incredibly simple to clean.

Freestanding Bathroom Taps

Floor-mounted variants, another modern innovation in bathroom taps, differ from the previous design aesthetic in that they have visible pipes and plumbing.

Freestanding taps can go with any freestanding bathtub or other style placed anyplace in the bathroom, providing the plumbing can be directed to that particular spot, and thus offer exceptional versatility. A wonderful choice to give the bathroom a dash of elegant authenticity.

Deck Mounted Bathroom Taps

The design was historically paired with sinks or basins for bathrooms. The foundation for the connection of deck-mounted taps is provided by tap holes that are drilled into the rim of the basin or bathtub.

It is not unexpected that deck-mounted bathroom tap models are among the most popular ones available since they provide the pipes and plumbing with the quickest access to the bathtub or basin.

Additionally, based on the available space, the design of the bathtub or sink, and personal preferences, individuals who invest in deck-mounted taps can choose between single and double-tap models.

Both conventional and modern bathroom taps are available at Plumber Bathware in a wide range of beautiful, streamlined designs. Shop today from the best bath, sink faucets, and hand shower manufacturers in Delhi.

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